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Ethics and Motivation

  • Why did you choose to write about this story? Why did you choose this topic? Is this issue of local relevance and importance?
  • Have you been fair in your selection of sources?
  • Have you interviewed persons who are close to the story? Do all quotes come from knowledgeable sources?
  • Have you been open and honest in your pursuit of information?
  • Have you quoted your sources fairly and in context?
  • What is likely to be impact of the story on your readers?
  • To what extent does this story serve the best interests of your readers?
  • Who if anyone is likely to complain about or resent this story? If so, for what reason?
  • Are you more interested in your right to publish or your reader's right to know?

By Bobby Hawthorne
Former Director, Interscholastic League Press Conference
Please see that Bobby Hawthorne and the ILPC are appropriately credited.