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Instructions For Superintendents

Superintendent (ISD Superintendent)

Download PDF version of instructions here, or click the links below to expand instructions.

1. If you do not already have an account, you need to create an account in the UIL portal

After the initial launch, an account will either need to be created for users by a current user OR a new user will create their own account that will require approval. If you need assistance with this please contact Customer Support.

2. Go to the UIL Portal and login.

3. Agree to the Terms and Conditions and click “Submit.”

4. Answer the security questions. These will be used to verify your account if you lose your email or password. "Save My Security Questions/Answers."

5. You are now ready to manage the coaches and administrators in your District.

6. Once Principals, Campus Coordinators, etc., have created accounts you must Approve their accounts.
  1. Go to the “Your Message Center” tab to see who has created accounts and need Approval. (You will also receive an email notifying you when an account needs approval.)
  2. If you DO NOT wish to receive notifications go to "Users and Permissions".
    1. Click "Users Permissions".
    2. Type in your name.
    3. Uncheck the "Receive System Notifications".
  3. Approve the accounts in your district by clicking the gray “Approve” button.
  4. All Principals and Campus Coordinators must be Approved by the District once they have created an account, and they cannot login until they have been Approved.*

*Anyone at the district level can approve District level and School Level accounts; once an account has been approved the notice will go away for all district users.

7. At the top of your screen you will see a drop down box where you can filter what you see. You can choose to see “All Schools in District” or you can filter to an individual school.

8. Under the “Activity” tab you can click on any activity to see who is registered as a coach and the status of that coach’s registration. You can click on a registration to see that coach’s Registration Checklist and see all that has been completed and what has yet to be completed.

9. Under the “Reports and Validations” tab you will see:
  1. Document Validation - This is a Full Feature option where you could mark complete any uploaded documents such as physicals, driver’s licenses, etc.
  2. Registrations - This is the Master List of all Coach Registrations for your school or district, depending on the filter you have set. You can click on any coach registration to see that coach’s Registration Checklist. You can also filter by Registration Status and Sport by using the drop down boxes at the top of the page.
  3. Coach Document Expirations - This is a Full Feature option where you could view anything with an expiration date and if any coach has an expired document. d. Manage Documents Received - This is a Full Feature option where you could manage multiple accounts at once, noting which coaches have turned in a hard copy of a document or which coaches have completed a training, etc.

10. Under the Users and Permissions tab you can set permissions and start the account creation for people if you choose.
  1. By clicking on User Permissions you can search a current user and see what permissions they have and change those if needed. You can also do this under “User Accounts.”
  2. Under “Users” click “New User” to start an account for someone - a coach, principal or district employee. Once you have created this account, that person will get an email letting them know they need to login and continue the registration process.
  3. Under “Users” click “User Accounts” to see all the different users at that school or district. You can also Edit Roles here by clicking the gray “Profile Roles” button OR “Reset Passwords.” You can also click “Manage User Permissions” to manage permissions.
  4. “Roles and Responsibilities” - this is a Full Feature option that allows you to add different roles at your location beyond the roles the UIL has set.

11. The options under the “Documents and Certifications” tab is a Full Feature option that allows you to manage the documents and questions for registrations. You can upload any document you want a coach to read, and they can then electronically sign that document as well. Or, you can create a custom question they must agree to and/or electronically sign.

12. You can add Frequently Asked Question to your site by clicking the “Manage FAQ” tab.
  1. Click “Add a Tag” to name the overall idea of different questions that could be asked.
  2. Then click the “Add Question” button - type in the question and the answer and use the drop down box to choose a tag for that question. (This will allow you to help the users find answers to their questions.)
  3. To view the FAQ as it will be viewed by users, click the “View FAQ” button.

13. The “Training Module” tab is a Full Feature option that allows you to create your own trainings to be added to the Registration checklist for users.


If you have questions, please email or click Contact Us within the "Help Beacon" in the bottom left corner of the UIL portal. (pictured below for reference)

Aktivate Help Button