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Instructions for Coaches

Instructions For Coaches

Coach (Athletic, Academic, Music, etc)

If you have an existing account and are changing jobs / schools, please do not create a new account. Utilize the ‘transfer account’ process that is available in the Portal once you log in to your existing account.

How to add or update your THSCA, TGCA, or ATAVUS IDs

******It is important to register for the activity you coach after logging in.******

UIL's Rules & Compliance Program requires you to complete a series of modules related to your sport or academic topic. If you are not registered for an activity, then you will not have access to these modules. Registering for the activity you coach will also give you access to communications related to your activity from the UIL. If you are not registered for an activity, then you will not be included in any communications related to that activity.

Download PDF version of instructions here, or click the links below to expand instructions.

Video version of instructions here

1. Go to the UIL Portal and create an account.
  1. To do so, click the gray “Create An Account” button and then fill in your information.
  2. When it asks “Are you a District Level Admin/Superintendent/Support", mark “No.”  Then mark “Yes” you are a School Admin/Coach.
  3. Type in the name of your school. (The email address you supply will be your user name. Please remember this email and password, as this is what you will use to login each time.)
  4. Click "Create My Account."

2. Agree to the Terms and Conditions and click “Submit.”

3. Answer security questions. These will be used to verify your account if you lose your email or password. Click “Save My Security Questions/Answers.”

4. Choose your Role. Click "Submit."

5. Begin a Registration by clicking the “Registrations and Training” tab at the left of the screen, and then click “My Registrations.” Then click “+ Start New Registration.”

6. Select the activity and select your role from the drop down box to the right. Scroll down and click “Submit.”

7. Continue your registration by clicking on the registration. This will take you to the Registration Checklist.

8. Scroll down the page to see all you need to complete to finish your registration.

9. Complete Training modules by clicking on a Module.
  1. In the “Name/Best Attempt” box, click on the “Training Documents” to read the material you will be tested on.
  2. Once you have read through the material click “Start Test” if you are ready to take the test. Otherwise, you can click the “Back to Training Module” button at the top of the page. Click “Take Test” in the “Name/Best Attempt” box if you are ready to take the test, or click the “Back to Registration” button at the top of the page if you are not ready to take the test. You can come back any time to take the test.
  3. While taking the test, you can click the “Exit Test” at any time. Your attempt will be aborted, no answers will be kept. Next time you take the test, the questions will be randomized.
  4. After finishing the test click “Finish Test.” Your score for that section of a module will appear in the “Attempt History” box. If you do not meet the required 70% you will need to retake that section at some point to finish the registration process; that module will have an “Incomplete” status on your registration page until you get a passing 70% on all sections of a module. Once you pass all sections of the module you can click the “Print Certificate of Completion” button at the top of the page if needed. When a module has been passed, that module will have a “Complete” status.

If you have questions, please email or click Contact Us within the "Help Beacon" in the bottom left corner of the UIL portal. (pictured below for reference)

Aktivate Help Button