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Emergency Medical Procedures

Schools should have written procedures for medical emergencies at athletic contests. All schools cannot have physicians present. This makes it mandatory that emergency procedures be understood by administrators and coaches. Such procedures include:

  1. Immediate, on-the-spot first aid by an adequately trained individual.
  2. A telephone or other communication device to contact a doctor, ambulance, or emergency clinic.
  3. A designated emergency vehicle. If an ambulance is not available, another suitable vehicle should be ready for quick utilization.
  4. Notification of parents of injured player.
  5. Proper arrangements at hospital or clinic to insure complete care of injured student.

Any plan of action should be carefully covered in advance with responsibilities of each party specified. Trainers, coaches, vehicle drivers, school administrators, and local law officers should function as an informed, effective team. Communication is the key to an effective athletic emergency care plan. Everyone - school personnel, medical professionals, transportation staff - must know exactly what is to be done in an emergency and who is responsible for each task.

If a definite procedure is adopted and followed, everyone will know that the health, safety and welfare of participants is a top priority.