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6A Concussion Injury Reporting Instructions - ALL SPORTS

The UIL Legislative Council passed a proposal requiring all 6A schools to participate in the ConTex concussion reporting program, for ALL SPORTS, not just football.  

UIL Consitution and Contest rules, Section 1208 (z):

(z) CONCUSSION INCIDENT REPORTING. UIL member schools in Conference 6A are required to report concussion incidents for all sports to the Contex Data System.


What is ConTex?

The nation’s largest statewide effort to track suspected concussions among high school student-athletes is underway with the launch of the Concussion-Texas project (ConTex), a registry in Texas designed to track brain injuries in middle- and high school sports. UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Peter O’Donnell Jr. Brain Institute, in conjunction with the University Interscholastic League, has initiated an effort to monitor suspected concussions across the state among UIL-member school student-athletes.

Through the participation of UIL member schools, collectively we plan to place Texas on the forefront of concussion surveillance with the implementation and adoption of ConTex. It will be beneficial for all UIL-affiliated schools to begin reporting so we can begin to obtain data on the frequency of suspected concussive incidents across the state. Although it is voluntary currently for Conference 1A-5A schools, the UIL Legislative Council passed an amendment to Section 1208 to include mandatory ConTex reporting in its athletic regulations for 6A-designated schools.


What you need to know:

1.     For schools who are currently RankOne Sport users, we have incorporated reporting directly into that system where there will be no additional steps required apart from your normal routine. RankOne Sport will feed de-identified data directly to ConTex team members.

2.     For those who are not using RankOne Sport, there is a streamlined process for you as well. In order to report to ConTex, you will need to create an account. If you have not already created an account, please follow this link.

3.     For those who are a current ConTex user and would like to report directly to ConTex and not through RankOne Sport, your process for reporting incidents has changed. The site previously used will no longer be active or used to report.  The new reporting site will be: