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Medical Exemption Form/Request For Accommodation

UIL Request for Accommodation Form - All Sports

Form can be downloaded by clicking here**

**Football Requests** Due to a recent rule changes in football, tinted visors on football helmets are not allowed due to safety risks associated with wearing tinted visors. This rule was supported by the UIL Football Rules Committee and is in line with NCAA player safety rules. Tinted goggles may be allowed to be worn with the football helmet and require a medical accommodation request to be completed and approved by UIL staff. 


UIL Request for Accommodation Process

Submitting a Request

The University Interscholastic League will consider requests to accommodate a student with physical or mental impairments. The school should submit the Request for Accommodation form located at the link above with the appropriate signatures a minimum of two weeks before the contest in which the accommodation is sought. Requests submitted after that time, absent extenuating circumstances, will not be granted. The request shall adhere to the accommodations provided by the student’s Sec. 504 Committee and/or A.R.D. Committee. No student records are to be submitted to UIL. The only required submission is the signed request with rationale for the accommodation. The completed form should be submitted to the UIL office, Music, Athletics or Academics, that administers the game or contest in question.

Approval Letter

A response letter from UIL granting or denying the requested accommodation will be provided to the school. A UIL letter approving the accommodation can be submitted at any level of the competition. It is the coach’s or sponsor’s responsibility to notify and provide a copy of the UIL approval letter to the appropriate officials well in advance of the competition. If the student advances to the next higher contest, it is the responsibility of the student’s school to notify the area, region and/or state meet director immediately. Additional costs or equipment required for accommodations are the responsibility of the school district. It is the responsibility of the host school, contest director and contestant to follow any applicable UIL ethics code or other applicable UIL rule to ensure the honesty of the competitors and the integrity of the competition.

Approval Process

Requests are handled on a case-by-case basis. UIL Staff reviews each case before determining appropriate action. UIL staff may reach out with additional questions concerning the accommodation if needed.