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Motivating Students for Academic Coordinators

  • As soon as the district contestants are decided, provide a locker sign with their event and their name or make posters/signs for the hallways. Recognize academic participation in the smae manner your school recognizes other activities.
  • The next school day after a contest, announce all winners during school announcements.
  • Make cookies or buy snacks for participants during the meet.
  • Take coloring books and crayons, card games, and board games. It gives students something to do on down time. It provides a social aspect as well as competition.
  • As kids advance to regional and state competitions, provide additional locker or hallway signs that reflect that. 
  • Write an article for the local newspaper for every meet (and even the Student Activities Conferences). Recognize student acheivements for all students, teachers, administrators and the community to see. Provide coverage in the school media, newspapers and yearbookm even beginning in elementary.
  • Make a memory book that has copies of all the articles, pictures from every meet, funny captions, pictures of winners, etc.
  • Send a letter home to parents or a hand written thank-you to all participants. Thank them for their time, and congratulate them on their victories.
  • Award letter jackets based on school district policy or criteria used for other UIL activities. They are relatively inexpensive and are a great reward for the hard work.
  • Make spring banquets an All-Awards Banquet. Give UIL academic awards along with the athletic and music awards. Award two MVP awards for UIL academics, usually high point individual at district and/or state qualifier or other special awards to recognize team efforts.
  • Hangs permanent banners from the cafeteria ceiling for each year a district academic championship is won.
  • Establish a UIL Wall of Honor where the name of each student who competes at state meet with their ranking posted. Anyone who walks into your building should be instantly aware of your UIL academic tradition of excellence.
  • Decorate the regional and state bus with personal window signs for each qualifier.