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Student Activities Conference 2023- Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi

Program Schedule

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Attendance Rosters

Attendance will be taken electronically. Attendees (both students and sponsors) are asked to register their attendance during each session. Click the Online Roster link, then enter your name, school and the session number that is located next to each workshop description in the program. Sponsors, please include your email address.

CPE Certificates

CPE certificates will be emailed after the conference using the emails collected from the online attendance rosters. Please register your attenance for each session you attend.

Conference Evaluation

We want your feedback!

Following today's conference, please take a moment to complete a brief online survey.
Your feedback and suggestions are very helpful in improving future conferences.

Presenter Handouts

Download pdf files of handouts and resource materials by clicking the links below.



STEM Events Speech, Debate, and Congress Theatre, Design, and Film

Calculator Applications



Speech Session I

Edwards_Advanced LD Debate
Shofner_Prose and Poetry
Shofner_Extemp Outline

Rehmke_Advanced CX Debate

Rehmke_Advanced CX Debate-Understanding The Economics

Rehmke_Advanced CX Debate-Economic Inequality

Rehmke_Advanced CX Debate_Economic Inequality 2

Rehmke_Advanced CX Debate_Economic Inequality 3

Theatre Session I
Rodriguez_One Act Play Rules, Planning, Updates and Questions

Gomez_Theatrical Design Basics

Edwards_UIL Film Rules

Computer Science


Speech Session II

Premiering the New Prose and Poetry Categories

Shofner_Extemp Preparation

Rehmke_Advanced LD Debate

Rehmke_Advanced LD Debate-Introduction to Economic Inequality

Rehmke_Advanced LD Debate-Policy in our Hands

Rehmke_Advanced LD Debate-Inequality Update

Rehmke_Advanced LD Debate-Goodman Institute

Rehmke_Advanced LD Debate-Economic Freedom

Edwards_Affirmative CX Topic

Theatre Session II

Edwards_Foam Capitals and Techniques

Gomez_Way Down to Hadestown

Mathematics & Number Sense

White_Number Sense Presentation

White_Number Sense Test

White_Number Sense Test Key

White_Number Sense Tips

White_Number Sense Sequence Chart

Speech Session III

Rehmke_Extemp Toolkit

Rehmke_Econ for Extemp

Edwards_CX Negative 1

Edwards_CX Negative 2

Edwards_CX Negative 3

Theatre Session III


Robotics & General STEM





Anderson_Introduction to Science

Anderson_Science Deep Dive