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Academic Coordinator Checklist

The academic coordinator is the liaison between the school community, district administration, academic coaches and the UIL. Academic coordinators assist the principal and academic coaches to provide the best opportunities for students in UIL academic competitions.

This is a suggested list of items that may need your attention as the coordinator for your campus.


  • Download a copy of the current year's Academic Coordinator Manual and review Coordinator Resources on the UIL website.
  • Register each year on the UIL website as an Academic Coordinator and submit contact information.
  • Review the UIL Calendar for deadlines and contest dates throughout the year. 
  • Plan a detailed budget and implementation schedule.
  • Recruit coaches for events and invite principal to an orientation session for all academic coaches.
  • Host an information and recruitment session for students.
  • Attend district planning meeting and provide input on setting the schedule to follow the conflict pattern. This meeting is typically held in August or early September, but sometimes can be held the previous spring semester.
  • Ensure that all UIL academic contest dates are placed on your school’s master calendar to avoid conflicts with proms, athletics, music and other activities.
  • Create your own UIL calendar with deadlines for completing various tasks. 
  • Order study packets for contests on the UIL website.
  • Prepare academic team rules, regulations and procedures. This might include everything from where to meet on the day of a trip to listing requirements for financial liability. 
  • Arrange for teachers and students to attend a UIL Student Activity Conference. 
  • Join the “UIL Academic Coordinators” Facebook page, subscribe to the UIL news feeds on the website and/or follow UIL Texas on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 


  • Even if your school is not hosting the district meet, download a copy of the Academic Meet Director's Manual and review it.
  • All coaches, advisors and directors should be aware of the UIL Academic website and have a copy of pertinent pages of the UIL Constitution and Contest Rules and handbooks for each event they sponsor.
  • Acquire new coaches as vacancies occur and continue to promote UIL Academics to the student body.
  • Find ways to motivate students and coaches.
  • Arrange to attend invitational tournaments or practice meets for students to attend. Arrange intra and interschool competitions. Check eligibility before taking students to contests.
  • Make travel arrangements including purchase orders, trip transportation request forms and student medical releases based on your school district's policy.


  • Submit academic district meet entries for CX Debate, Spring Meet and One-Act Play via UIL Spring Meet Online Entry System at least 10 days prior to the district meet or the date set by your district. Check eligibility for all entries.
  • Volunteer to assist the district host with any details of the meet.
  • Inform your coaches of their duties during the meet (grading, monitoring, contest directing).
  • Assist in resolving conflicts in participation time at district, regional and state with other UIL events such as band, track & field, softball and baseball as well as power lifting, student council, etc.
  • Remind coaches about the importance of the verification period following the grading and prior to the announcement of official results of each contest. 
  • Submit and assist with paperwork when substitutions occur.


  • Provide or assist in providing news articles and information about your school's participation in UIL contests to the local media and school news outlets. Include a photograph if possible. Notify your administration and school communication's team.
  • Check the academic regional meet and academic state meet websites for dates, locations and important information. Make transportation and lodging arrangements for regional and state competition.
  • Make transportation and lodging arrangements for regional and state competition.
  • Check the UIL website after district and regional meets to see if your school has a wildcard team advancing.
  • Notify alternates and meet directors if any of your qualifying students will be unable to attend the next level of competition.
  • Encourage seniors who have participated in the Academic State Meet at any time during their high school career to complete a TILF scholarship application prior to the deadline.


  • Check the UIL academic website regularly for updates, notices and new information.
  • Provide the community, school and administration with information about the benefits of competition, the role of rules in competition and how rules are made and changed. 
  • Order jackets and letters earned by academic competitors based on your school district’s policy.


  • Prepare a budget request for the following year based on current year's spending and future needs.
  • Make plans to attend the summer Capital Conference with your event coaches.