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One-Act Play Past Results

Year Conference Champion Full State Results
2014-2015 1A Abbott - sf The 39 Steps Full 1A State Results
2014-2015 2A Mason - sf The Death and Life of Larry Benson Full 2A State Results
2014-2015 3A Lago Vista - sf Over the River and Through the Woods Full 3A State Results
2014-2015 4A Seminole - sf The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail Full 4A State Results
2014-2015 5A Lewisville The Colony - sf The Lost Boy Full 5A State Results
2014-2015 6A Lewisville - sf The African Company Presents Richard Richard III Full 6A State Results
2013-2014 1A Mason - sf The Last Night at Ballyhoo Full 1A State Results
2013-2014 2A Mount Vernon - sf Unexpected Tenderness Full 2A State Results
2013-2014 3A Seminole - sf Golden Boy Full 3A State Results
2013-2014 4A Pearland Dawson - sf The Caucasian Chalk Circle Full 4A State Results
2013-2014 5A Houston Carnegie Vanguard - sf When the Rain Stops Falling Full 5A State Results
2012-2013 1A Sabine Pass - sf Wit Full 1A State Results
2012-2013 2A Rogers - sf Kholstomer: The Story of a Horse Full 2A State Results
2012-2013 3A Fredericksburg - sf The Miracle Worker Full 3A State Results
2012-2013 4A Canyon Randall - sf Darkside Full 4A State Results
2012-2013 5A Fort Bend Travis - sf Unexpected Tenderness Full 5A State Results
2011-2012 1A Plains - Henry Lumper Full 1A State Results
2011-2012 2A Rogers - The Caucasian Chalk Circle Full 2A State Results
2011-2012 3A Salado - The Sins of Sor Juana Full 3A State Results
2011-2012 4A Mont Belvieu Barbers Hill - The Awakening of Spring Full 4A State Results
2011-2012 5A Austin - King O' the Moon Full 5A State Results
2010-2011 1A Plains - Biedermann and the Firebugs Full 1A State Results
2010-2011 2A Hempstead - Moby Dick Rehearsed Full 2A State Results
2010-2011 3A Van - A Midsummer Night's Dream Full 3A State Results
2010-2011 4A Carrollton Creekview - Death of a Salesman Full 4A State Results
2010-2011 5A Austin - Over the Tavern Full 5A State Results
2009-2010 1A Medina - sf Dancing at Lughnasa Full 1A State Results
2009-2010 2A Salado - sf The Balkan Women Full 2A State Results
2009-2010 3A Paris North Lamar - sf The Government Inspector Full 3A State Results
2009-2010 4A Mont Belvieu Barbers Hill - sf The Night Thoreau Spent In Jail Full 4A State Results
2009-2010 5A Keller - sf Richard III Full 5A State Results
2008-2009 1A Lindsay - sf The Rimers of Eldritch Full 1A State Results
2008-2009 2A Rogers - sf Ghetto Full 2A State Results
2008-2009 3A Athens - sf Korczak’s Children Full 3A State Results
2008-2009 4A Friendswood - sf Great Expectations Full 4A State Results
2008-2009 5A Austin - sf Over the River and Through the Woods Full 5A State Results
2007-2008 1A Fort Worth Academy Of Fine Arts - sf The Last Night of Ballyhoo Full 1A State Results
2007-2008 2A Rogers - sf Man Of La Mancha Full 2A State Results
2007-2008 3A Mexia - sf The Kentucky Cycle: Fire In The Hole Full 3A State Results
2007-2008 4A Schertz Clemens - sf Moon Over Buffalo Full 4A State Results
2007-2008 5A Mansfield - sf Epic Proportions Full 5A State Results
2006-2007 1A Lindsay - sf Full Circle Full 1A State Results
2006-2007 2A Mount Pleasant Chapel Hill - sf Flowers For Algernon Full 2A State Results
2006-2007 3A Van - sf Man of La Mancha Full 3A State Results
2006-2007 4A Friendswood - sf Black Snow Full 4A State Results
2006-2007 5A Temple - sf Ruthless! Full 5A State Results
2005-2006 1A Channing - sf Flowers for Algernon Full 1A State Results
2005-2006 2A Sonora - sf Unexpected Tenderness Full 2A State Results
2005-2006 3A Decatur - sf The Elephant Man Full 3A State Results
2005-2006 4A Montgomery - sf A View From the Bridge Full 4A State Results
2005-2006 5A Plano East - sf The Marriage of Bette & Boo Full 5A State Results
2004-2005 1A Lindsay - sf The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby Full 1A State Results
2004-2005 2A Rogers - sf Players in a Game Full 2A State Results
2004-2005 3A Van - sf The Caucasian Chalk Circle Full 3A State Results
2004-2005 4A Longview Pine Tree - sf The Kentucky Cycle: Fire in the Hole Full 4A State Results
2004-2005 5A Arlington - sf An Experiment With An Air Pump Full 5A State Results
2003-2004 1A Lindsay - sf The Caucasian Chalk Circle Full 1A State Results
2003-2004 2A Diana New Diana - sf Quilters Full 2A State Results
2003-2004 3A Mount Vernon - sf The Voice of the Prairie Full 3A State Results
2003-2004 4A Friendswood - sf Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead Full 4A State Results
2003-2004 5A Houston Bellaire - sf Tartuffe Full 5A State Results
2002-2003 1A Lindsay - sf The Voice of the Prairie Full 1A State Results
2002-2003 2A Omaha Pewitt - sf Dancing at Lughnasa Full 2A State Results
2002-2003 3A Mont Belvieu Barbers Hill - sf Strider Full 3A State Results
2002-2003 4A Bay City - sf The Grapes of Wrath Full 4A State Results
2002-2003 5A Humble Kingwood - sf Black Snow Full 5A State Results
2001-2002 1A Yantis - sf The Boys Next Door Full 1A State Results
2001-2002 2A Rogers - sf Lucia Mad Full 2A State Results
2001-2002 3A Van - sf Godspell Full 3A State Results
2001-2002 4A Gregory-Portland - sf Over the River and Through the Woods Full 4A State Results
2001-2002 5A Galveston Ball - sf The Playboy of the Western World Full 5A State Results
2000-2001 1A Follett - sf Sylvia Full 1A State Results
2000-2001 2A Comfort - sf A Midsummer Night’s Dream Full 2A State Results
2000-2001 3A Wimberley - sf The Trojan Women Full 3A State Results
2000-2001 4A Southlake Carroll - sf Paganini Full 4A State Results
2000-2001 5A Carrollton Creekview - sf Side Man Full 5A State Results
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