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2016-2017 DEC Handbook

*Link to Athletic DEC Chairs (List of DEC Chairs, Confirmation Forms)


* Update: Required Financial Reporting Form: 

Section 28(n), UIL Constitution and Contest Rules now requires each District Executive Committee or administrative equivalent (Region in Music) to submit a financial report on a form approved by the Executive Director and the chair of the Legislative Council by June 30th of each year. The online DEC reporting form will collect information showing receipts and disbursements for each district contest or event that was held over the course of the school year along with any of the district’s account balances and other pertinent financial information. Please contact Dr. Kevin Jones if you need access to the online reporting form for your DEC (A copy of The Financial Reporting Form - the official report must be submitted through the online form). 

DEC Chairs, please make sure you have completed the District Chair Confirmation form

* Additional Resource: "DEC Hearings. A discussion of issues regarding the DEC process." Presented at the 2017 Athletic Directors Conference.


  1. Duties
  2. Open Meetings Act FAQ
  3. *Required Procedures for DEC Hearings
    • Script for DEC Chairs
    • DEC Agenda Template (for the public)
    • DEC Notice of Hearing Template (for the participants)
    • DEC Minutes Template
    • DEC Required Hearing Processes
  4. Applicable UIL Rules Regarding Athletic Eligibility
    • Guidelines for Changing Schools and Residence
    • New Student Varsity Athletic Eligibility Questions, PAPF Flowchart & PAPF
    • Changing Schools for Athletic Purposes
    • Exception to the Nineteen Year Old Rule for High School Varsity Athletic Competition
    • Waiver of Eligibility Rules Application Procedures
  5. Designated School Administrator
  6. UIL Rules Compliance Program (RCP)
  7. NCAA Football Tie Breaker
  8. Questions and Answers
  9. UIL Sport Season Dates and Game/Tournament Limits
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