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2012-13 Area Track Meet - All Conferences Q & A

By Mark Cousins, Athletic Director | Tuesday, June 05, 2012 8:08 AM

Four contestants qualify from each district to area; four contestants qualify from each area to region, and two contestants qualify from each region to the state meet.

1. Are Area Meets required for the 2012-13 school year?
Yes, area meets are now required.  However, there are options.

With majority votes from both DEC's, the area meet can be cancelled. In this scenario, each district would hold their district meet and advance the top two finishers in each event to the Regional Meet.

Additionally, with majority votes from both DEC's, district meets can be skipped and the corresponding districts could elect to go straight to the Area Meet (with no district meet). In this scenario, the top four finishers in each event would advance to the Regional Meet.

2. Which district do we organize an area meet with?
Each district will make arrangements with the corresponding district to host an area meet.  The corresponding district matches will be: 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, etc.

3. Who will set the format for the meet  (decide on site, times, etc.)?
All event details will be determined by mutual agreement of both districts.

4. Would it be allowed for an event site to host two different area track meets in order to reduce expenses and allow for rest time during the meet schedule?
Yes, the districts involved should agree to coordinate the meet schedule by alternating conference and boys/girls events.

5. What happens if we have a majority vote to skip the area meet or it is canceled due to weather?
When districts DO NOT have an area meet, the top 2 finishers from each district advance to region.

6. If the two districts do not agree, one district wants an area meet and the other district does not, what do we do then?
The corresponding districts are required to have an area meet in the case that one district wants to have one.

7. Are the calendar deadlines flexible? 
The district and area meets must be held no later than the posted deadlines, however the meets could be held prior to the deadline.

8. Can we schedule an area meet at a designated regional track site?
Yes, the event site is determined by mutual agreement and it could be held at the same venue as the regional meet.

9. Can advancers attend a regional qualifiers meet in the case that we would finish the area meet prior to the deadline?
Yes, provided the advancers do not miss academic time during the school week and contestants participate in no more than one meet per school week.