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Volleyball State Tournament Honor Teams

2018 Honor Teams

Honoring the 2008 state tournament champions-

  • 1A Champions - Windthorst
  • 2A Champions - Bushland
  • 3A Champions - Lucas Lovejoy
  • 4A Champions - Hereford
  • 5A Champions - Amarillo

Presentation Schedule

2018 Volleyball Honor Teams Presentation Schedule (TBA)


1A Champions - Windthorst

1A Champions Windthorst 2007

Members of the Conference 1A girls state champion Windthorst volleyball team include: (front row) Manager Mikayla Berend, Avery Hoff, Nereida Rodriguez, Jaci Meurer, Lexi Koetter, Kinsey Steinberger, Manager Emily Beisch; (second row), Statistician Kayla Provence, Marissa Schreiber, Kelsey Hise, Bailey Schlumpf, Tanna Sales, Jordan Glawe, Kelsie Berend, Statistician Jordan Hoegger; (back row) Assistant Coach Brenda Doyal, Head Coach Stacy Wolf, Peyton Teichman, Whitney McCorkle, Leslie Schroeder, Carmen Stallcup, Christine Schreiber, Assistant Coach Heather Stark.

2A Champions - Bushland

2A Champions Bushland 2007

Members of the Conference 2A girls state champion Bushland volleyball team include: (front row) Lauren Fowler, Brittany Lemons, Stephanie Fowler, Kaitlyn Patterson, Sabrina Ennis; (second row) Sharisa Stoddard, Brittany Ammons, Madyson McKean, Whitney Wood, Kinslee Powers, Katie Gillmore; (back row) Assistant Coach Jennifer Tabor, Assistant Coach Stacy Paul, Manager Berkley Frye, Kenzie Walden, Christina Steinkruger, Kristen Beasley, Lisa Adams, Manager Shelbie Brigance, Head Coach Makesha Maupin.

3A Champions - Lucas Lovejoy

3A Champions Wimberley 2007

Members of the Conference 3A girls state champion Lucas Lovejoy volleyball team include: (front row) Addason Lamb, Kate Turner, Becki Kendall; (second row) Tyler Bradsher, Emily Kendall, Danielle Stephens, Camille Collinsworth, Brennan Roehrig, Natalie Puckett; (back row) Manager Meagan Hancock, Assistant Coach Dena Goodard, Andie Malloy, Whitney Stevens, Courtney Ray, Lauren McDaniel, Head Coach Ryan Mitchell, Trainer Susan Smiley.

4A Champions - Hereford

4A Champions Waco Midway 2007

Members of the Conference 4A girls state champion Hereford volleyball team include: (front row) Sarah Brown, Hanna Harrison, Lauren Beville, Jacque Goyne, Paityn Davis; (second row) Manager Iris Claudio, Carley McCracken, Natasha Giacomazzi, Diane Knight, Kathryn Collier, Statistician Vanessa Ceballos; (back row) Head Coach Brenda Kitten, Assistant Coach Mallory Bryan, Assistant Coach Erin Bell, Andee Josserand, Reagan Shelton, Meredith Hays, Assistant Coach Brandi Matthews, Assistant Coach Rachel Altman.

5A Champions - Amarillo

5A Champions Amarillo 2007

Members of the Conference 5A girls state champion Amarillo volleyball team include: (front row) Micah Nolan, Danielle Barker, Eden Williams, Emily Klein, Josalynn Wise; (second row) Trainer Jessica Brock, Michelle Russell, Torri Campbell, Caitlin Wallace, Neely Borger, Manager Taylor Dilger; (back row) Manager Natalie Quintana, Head Coach Jan Barker, Assistant Coach Bo Dees, Carlie Foust, Sheridan, Burgess, Aryn Bohannon, Madelyn Robinett, Assistant Coach JaNeen Eudy, Assistant Coach Kirk Stokes.