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Kemp HS hosts UIL Academic Rush Party

Thursday, September 10, 2015 3:47 PM

Kemp HS UIL Academic Rush Party

Kemp High School recently pulled off a clever recruitment opportunity to build their UIL Academic Team. During the annual Meet the Teacher night, students and coaches teamed up to involve students in a unique recruitment effort.

At the front entrance of the school, they posted UIL information for all the academic contests on bi-folds, built by art classes. Four former UIL participants in their UIL t-shirts staffed the table. They answered questions, signed up interested students, handed out information about contests, as well as permission slips for travel for the UIL Student Activity Conference in Tyler.

Students were also given a UIL Contract to have parents signed that explained the degree of participation and commitment that the coaches expected from participants.

Daily announcements during the first two weeks of school included reminders to sign up for the UIL Student Activities Conference and the UIL Rush Party.

The UIL Rush Party was planned around the premise of a social or service organization in college. The party was held on Friday, Sept. 4, during last period. Teachers cooperated with organizers in order to allow students to attend.

Students must have picked up or been given a UIL Rush Party invitation by one of the UIL coaches and returned the signed form by Sept. 4.

Only those students who turn in a signed, by student and last period teacher, invitation were allowed to attend the rush party. Some students did not know what a rush party was.

School officials did not tell them either. The unknown was almost as much of a draw as getting out of last period.

Upon arrival to the rush party, cake and punch were served, which was wildly popular with attendees. Event coaches were at tables around the room. They passed out information about their contests, talked up their events to the students, and finally, students signed up for which events they were interested.

Coaches also had on hand a copy of the conflict schedule to make sure students knew if they could compete in other contests.

As they departed, permission slips were passed out for the upcoming UIL Student Activities Conference and the debate tournament in Mabank.

“This was really easy and a good way to get all on board with UIL Academics,” Marsha Pool, Kemp UIL Academic Coordinator said. “Our school has been lax in participation in most areas in past years. It is my hope to bring it up with the help of my coaches who are also eager to perform well.  Hopefully, this was just a start.”