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October 2013 Practice Extemp Topics

Informative Speaking


  1. Cory Booker: Who is he and what are his goals?
  2. What effect will the recent typhoon in Japan have on the nation's economy?
  3. What events led to the "reopening" of the US government?
  4. Why did Saudi Arabia refuse their seat on the UN Security Council?
  5. How have recent fossil discoveries changed our understanding of prehuman species?
  6. What has Pope Francis done that separates him from his predecessors?
  7. Why is Mozambique on the verge of another civil war?
  8. How has the marriage equality movement changed in the United States?
  9. What steps can be taken by the Indian government to decrease poverty in their nation?
  10. How is Chile's Congress addressing hate crimes in the country?
  11. Why is the Texas Education Agency opening new charter schools?
  12. What are the concerns relating to Syria having chemical weaponry?
  13. How has the federal shutdown effected political parties within the United States?
  14. Who is Malala Yousafzai and why has she captured the world's attention?
  15. Why did lawmakers deny funds for Ariel Castro's kidnap victims?
  16. Why are Americans frustrated about signing up for Obamacare?
  17. What are the details of the recent JP Morgan settlement with the United States Justice department?
  18. What is the extent of the damage caused by the wildfires in Australia?
  19. What steps can Apple take to find the next Steve Jobs?
  20. What do recent discoveries by NASA indicate about the universe around us?
  21. How is the passage of House Bill 5 in the Texas Legislature impacting State curriculum?
  22. What are the details of the Nevada middle school shooting?
  23. What does the rhetoric used by newscasters imply about the current state of affairs in the US?
  24. What do recent medical developments indicate about the treatment of HIV/AIDS?
  25. How will the implementation of the Affordable Care Act impact business?


Persuasive Speaking


  1. Is Wendy Davis a serious contender in the race to become Texas governor?
  2. Who or what should be blamed for the US government shutdown?
  3. Does the recent election of Cameroon's ruling party prove the country's move toward democracy has been successful?
  4. Should the Texas Department of Transportation be doing more to collect money from debtors?
  5. Do the recent murders of high school teachers in America call for a greater focus on mental health in teens?
  6. Will potential cuts to art funding be beneficial to the United States education system?
  7. What should German Chancellor Angela Merkel do to reach a compromise with opposing political parties?
  8. Should the US be fearful of the backlash by European nations concerning spying allegations?
  9. Should the officials involved in the Navy bribery scandal be convicted?
  10. Will the government shutdown impact John Boehner's position as Speaker of the House?
  11. Is the rise of charter schools in Texas distracting from the needs of public schools?
  12. What will the future hold politically for former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner?
  13. Should the Filipino government strengthen their preparedness for natural disasters?
  14. The US government shutdown: What were the real costs?         
  15. Should the Supreme Court redefine its standard of mental disabilities for future court rulings?
  16. Are instances of drug-related violence in Mexico decreasing?
  17. Should China ban its new coal-fired power plants?
  18. Will Syrian peace talks be successful?                                         
  19. Are civil liberties, like freedom of speech, being endangered in public schools?
  20. Should Malala Yousafzai have won the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize?
  21. Do recent displays in pop culture show a shifting in the views of the average American?
  22. Should the school shooting in Nevada be a cause for increased gun control?
  23. Will the removal of the two-currency system in Cuba negatively impact the nation's economy?
  24. Should the American public be concerned about the competency of the Florida prison system?
  25. Is Facebook's censorship policy too ambiguous to be effective?
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