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5A & 6A 6th Grade Evaluation Two Year Pilot

Two Year Pilot Implementation of 3 day Evaluation Period for Sixth Graders in 5A and 6A Schools.

Beginning in the Spring of 2015, school districts classified as either 5A or 6A will be allowed, with local discretion, to conduct a three day evaluation period for student athletes who will be transitioning from sixth to seventh grade the following school year.

These evaluation periods are only allowed in school districts classified as either 5A or 6A for the 2014-16 alignment.

The three day evaluation period may only occur beginning in May of 2015 and must be concluded prior to the end of the school year.

The three days utilized for the evaluation period do not have to be consecutive days.

All participants in any evaluation period allowed under this pilot program must be in compliance with section 1478 (d) (4-7) prior to taking part in the evaluation.

Participation in the evaluation period shall be voluntary and in no way a prerequisite for trying out for or participating in any athletic program for the following school year.

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