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Marching Band Safety Training

Attention: The Marching Band Safety Training has been moved to a new web site!

To complete your safety training you will need to complete the steps below. 

  1. Self-Register an account by clicking the link below after reading all of the instructions. Carefully follow the directions on the registration page.
  2. For Requested Level please select "Director - Band".
  3. Note that we will use your email address to send messages for now, but if you want to receive text messages as well please fill in your cellular number and provider.
  4. Be sure to select your school at the bottom of the page. Click continue when finished.
  5. You'll receive an email saying that you successfully created an account. Wait a few more minutes and you will receive another email with a temporary password and a link to change the password. 
  6. Change your password. 
  7. Sign in by clicking "Sign In" with your changed password. 
  8. Update your Profile information if needed.
  9. Click on "Training" on the top menu bar and follow the first step to update "My Experience".
  10. Under Current Experience Areas, check the box next to "MUS - Marching Band" to indicate you are a Marching Band Director. Click Update Experience.
  11. Now go back to "Training" and select the second step to "Proceed to My Training". 
  12. You should see "Band Safety Training" and a green button that says "Begin Training".
  13. There are 4 modules: "Emergency Action Planning and Sudden Cardiac Death", "Head and Neck Injuries", "Heat, Hydration, and Asthma", and "Safety". Complete each module by reading the text of the lesson and answering the questions (green link) at the bottom. 
  14. Once you have finished all four modules, you have an option to print a certificate of completion for your records.

Click here to begin.


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