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Practice Limits effective August 1, 2013

During the regular season and post season, no football player is allowed to participate in more than ninety (90) minutes of full contact practice per week. 

For the purposes of the of rule, "full contact" is defined as football drills or live game simulations where "live action" occurs. Live action, as defined by USA Football, is contact at game speed where players execute full tackles at a competitive pace taking players to the ground. A team may continue to dress in full pads for practice, but may only participate in live action drills and game time simulations no more than ninety minutes per athlete per week. It is assumed that when players are in shells (shorts, shoulder pads, and helmets) no live action drills or simulations will occur. This rule is intended to limit live action drills and simulations and not the number of practices a team may participate in full pads. A team may participate in "air," "bags," "wrap," and "thud" drills and simulations at any point. These contact levels are defined below:

· Air- Players should run unopposed without bags or any opposition

· Bags- activity is executed against a bag, shield or pad to allow for a soft-contact surface, with or without the resistance of a teammate or coach standing behind the bag.

· Wrap- Drills run at full speed until contact, which is above the waist with the players remaining on their feet.

· Thud- Same as wrap but tempo is competitive with no pre-determined winner and the players are not tackling to the ground.

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