UIL Percussion No Memory List


Code Composer Title Publisher Specification
500-1-14514 Gauthreaux American Suite MerMP play two mvts
500-1-26109 Prosperie An American Tribute Drop6 play all
500-1-26110 Prosperie The Tasteful Snare Drop6 play all
500-1-28876 Campbell Symphonic Dances Inn play two
500-1-28889 Baker Lonely City Suite TS play two
500-1-31222 Atkatz Tributes for Snare Drum Row play 2 choose one from #15-#22 AND one from #23-#30
500-1-31223 Colgrass Six Unaccompanied Solos for Snare Drum Alf play two mvts.
500-1-31244 McLaughlin The Canvas Series Par play two etudes
500-1-31250 Solomon The PAS MassChap 2008 Snare Drum Collection BachMP play two selections
500-1-36389 Di Bartolo bounce! ADpercussion concert snare
500-1-36390 Di Bartolo Beatboxing Robot ADpercussion concert snare
500-1-36399 Paris Rhema CAl concert snare
500-1-36405 Skidmore Goodnight Noises Everywhere Skidmore Percussion Publications concert snare
500-1-36410 Wharton Deus Ex Metronome TS concert snare


Code Composer Title Publisher Specification
501-1-14685 Cahn Raga No. 1 Wimb play all
501-1-14686 Carter Eight Pieces AMP play one
501-1-14696 Kosch Hand Held Shots Lud play all
501-1-14711 Williams Variations for Solo Kettledrums MfP play Theme & two variations
501-1-28908 Leonard Epigram Lud play all
501-1-28909 Leonard Forms Lud play two
501-1-28913 Beck Three Movements for Five Timpani MerMP play two
501-1-31317 Danner Five Ages CAl play two mvts
501-1-31322 Gerhart Continuous Line of Evenness BachMP play all
501-1-31323 Houllif Suite for Timpani PMP play all
501-1-31329 Zolnowski No Evil MPInc play two mvts
501-1-31890 Gay Bolt! TS play all
501-1-31892 Gay The Attack of the Freezing Fog TS play all
501-1-33505 Cirone Sonata No. 1 Multiple play all
501-1-33508 Kaiser Symplegades S4M play all


Code Composer Title Publisher Specification
502-1-14778 Burghdorf Battle of Rising Spirits CAl play all
502-1-14817 Maslanka My Lady White KPP play all
502-1-26176 Deane Etude for a Quiet Hall Inn play all
502-1-26177 Deane The Apocryphal Still Life Inn play all
502-1-26178 Ford Polaris Inn play all
502-1-26188 Norton November Evening Inn play all
502-1-33008 Yi Jing Marimba TP play all


Code Composer Title Publisher Specification
503-1-14947 Cahn Partita HR play 1 & 3
503-1-14952 Delancey The Love of L'Histoire MP play all
503-1-14969 Kraft English Suite TP play any two mvts
503-1-14970 Kraft French Suite TP play two mvts
503-1-14971 Kraft Morris Dance WIM play all
503-1-14973 Mikula The Storm HR play mvt 2
503-1-14974 Milhaud Concerto for Percussion UnEd play all
503-1-14980 Tagawa Inspirations Diabolique WIM play any two mvts
503-1-14981 Udow/Watts The Contemporary Percussionist MerMP play two
503-1-28975 Fambrough The Third Half of the Circle Inn play all
503-1-28977 Burritt Sticks of Eloquence Lud play all
503-1-28979 Hollinden Cold Pressed CAI play all
503-1-28980 Nozny Points of Consistency Drop6 play two from 1, 2, 3, or 4
503-1-28983 Campbell Garage Drummer HR play all
503-1-28984 Jager Concerto MerMP play all, piano accomp
503-1-30927 Ward Lucid Dreaming CAl play all
503-1-31292 Dietz Reflex CAl play one, choose from #2 through #15
503-1-31293 Freytag RaLAS con Fuoco Row play all
503-1-31301 Tyson Inside the Shining Stone BLT play all


Code Composer Title Publisher Specification
504-1-26101 Hartenberger Raghavan HR play all
Updated August 2020