Vocal Solo & Ensemble Performance Requirements

Substitution of Unlisted Editions for Selections in the PML - Any unabridged edition by a current copyright holder of a selection appearing in the Prescribed Music List may be substituted. UIL Music defines unabridged as containing the same musical content and degree of difficulty from the version appearing in the PML. The director of the performing organization or event shall be responsible for the compliance of any substitute edition. Directors are encouraged to seek approval from the UIL for any unabridged substitution in advance of the performance. Approval shall be determined by comparing the version on the PML with the substitution. If a substitution is performed and is determined to be abridged the performing organization or event shall be subject to penalty as stated in C&CR Section 1110(d)(3)(C) and Section 1108(h)(1).


Vocal solos may be performed in any key, published or transposed.

Songs with titles listed in a foreign language must be performed in that language.

Songs with titles listed in English may also be performed in another published language (unless otherwise noted).


108   Vocal Solo

Prescribed Lists for Vocal Ensembles

Class I Small Vocal Ensembles may not double parts.
Class II and III Small Vocal Ensembles may double parts.


171   Treble Small Ensemble

172   Tenor-Bass Small Ensemble

179   Madrigal - A madrigal group must have a minimum of one voice per part, but no more than two on a part.