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If you have corrections, questions or comments regarding this information, please notify The UIL Speech and Debate department at or 512-471-5883.

Manuel Acevedo

Current high school:

Currently coaching?: No


Number of years coached:

Number of tournaments judged: 13

High school attended:
Center Point High School

Graduated high school: 1990

Participated in high school: Yes

Participated in college: No

Judging qualifications:
In high school I was active in poetry and informative speaking. After graduation, I started judging for one of the judges that saw me at one of the meets. I judged for his service off and on for 20 years at invitational, district, and regional meets until his retirement. Two years ago I started judging again with 2 other judging services. I've been judging IE, LD, and Congress. I've also been judging all of those events at NSDA district and TFA State.

Judging Philosophy


Rounds judged:
Judging approach:
Policy priority:
Evidence philosophy:


Rounds judged: 7
Approach: Communication skills and resolution of substantive issues are of equal importance
Framework of the debate is of the utmost importance because it will force me to evaluate your impacts before the other team’s impacts and nullifies most, if not all, of the other team’s offense. Sufficient evidence is also needed during your first speech. During the rebuttal speeches, don't limit yourself to stating you don't agree with opponents stance, give specific reasons why and provide supporting evidence. Give me clear reasons to vote and explain why those reasons are preferable to your opponent’s. Make sure that during the delivery, you speak clearly in order for me to hear all of your points.

Contact Information

cell: 830 9552447

Availability Information

Meet types:
Invitational District Regional State Meet

Qualified for:


Region of residence:

I will travel to: 1 4 5 8