ILPC Membership Application 2022-2023

ILPC Membership Application 2022-2023

Basic Fees: ILPC members pay for membership per publication. Membership fees cover membership only. An additional fee is required to have a publication/broadcast ratings as well as participate in Individual Achievement Award competition.

Additional Fees: Rating fees are charged according to size of publication and, in the case of yearbooks, for annotations.

Mounted Plaques: Staffs may now purchase their certificate mounted on a wood plaque for $50. Please mark the specific plaque you want mounted and include that in your payment. Staffs are not required to do this. Each publication will still receive a certificate to mark the success of the publication.

Once you submit this form, you will receive an email receipt shortly. If you do not receive an email receipt within 24 hours, please contact Alyssa Boehringer at 512-232-4924.

In order for your membership to be complete, you must print a copy of the email and mail it along with your full payment to:

Box 8028
Austin, TX 78713-8028

Make checks payable to "The University of Texas at Austin - UIL".