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Student Activities Conference Online- University of Texas, Austin

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Presenter Handouts

Download pdf files of handouts and resource materials by clicking the links below.



STEM Events Speech, Debate, and Congress Theatre, Design, and Film

Calculator Applications

Calculator SAC Test & Key


Speech Session I

Riggins-Annotated History

Hurley-Basics of LD

The Basics of Lincoln-Douglas Debate

An LD Debate Introduction

Prose and Poetry from the Beginning

Extemp-Economics of Extemp Speaking

Intro to LD (Rhea)

Getting Started in CX Debate

Edwards-Judge Adaptation_Paradigms1

Edwards-Judge Adaptation_Paradigms2

Edwards-Judge Adaptation_Paradigms123

Edwards-Judge Adaptation_Paradigms456

Extemp Sources And Other Relevant Extemp Info

Huber-Intro to CX

If You Build It

Albor-Prose & Poetry

Rehmke-Economics Extemp

Theatre Session I

Theatre-New Rules

Theatrical Design-Elements of Art

Theatrical Design-First Impression Questions

Theatrical Design-Directing the Design

Theatrical Design-Coloring Page

Computer Science

Computer Science Introduction

District Programming Packet

Java Topic List 2018-2019

CS - PC^2 Setup Guide

CS - How to Set Up a PC^2 Wireless Network

Speech Session II

UIL Ballot- Judge Training: Prose & Poetry

Training Judges

Advanced CX-Reforming Legal Immigration

Advcanced CX-Refugee Economies

Advanced CX-Chandran Kukathas

Act of Congress

Reforming Legal Immigration-New

CX Debate Topic Analysis

Advanced Interp

Extemporaneous Speaking

Oral Interpreation to Inform and to Pesuade

Huber-Intro to Extemp

Albor-Oral Interp

McCurry-Politics & Forensics


Recker-An ACT of Congress

Theatre Session II

Theatrical Design-State Finalists


Mathematics & Number Sense

Math PowerPoint

Math Tips for Coaches

Math SAC Test

Math SAC Key

Number Sense PowerPoint

Number Sense Tips fo Coaches

Number Sense SAC Test

Number Sense SAC Key

Unique Primes

Number Sense/Math Special Session

Speech Session III

Advanced Prose and Poetry

LD-Chandran Kukathas

LD-National Rights

Edwards-CX Topic Analysis_Aff Glossary

Edwards-CX Topic Analysis_Aff Legislation

Edwards-CX Topic Analysis_Aff Research

Edwards-CX Topic Analysis_Aff

Edwards-CX Topic Analysis_Neg Definitions

Edwards-CX Topic Analysis_Neg

McCurry-Making Sense of Philosophy


Riggins-Training Judges

Riggins- Ballot- What is the Judge Looking For

Recker-Extemp Sources

Theatre Session III

Automated Lighting

Drafting Standards


UIL Robotics Introduction

Basics of BEST Robotics

What is FIRST?




Physics Examples

Science Overview



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