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The UIL Academics At-Home Experience

Join us as we pilot a new adventure for our students! In these challenging times, the goal is to provide our students an opportunity to test their knowledge and skills in the events that are aligned with their courses of study. The UIL Academics At-Home Experience is not an official competition. Participation is voluntary and will not lead to official awards or points. UIL will provide the materials, with guidelines and suggestions for coaches to administer events through whatever platform works best for your school community. Creativity and trust are key components to make this At-Home Experience meaningful for students who have worked hard and want to end their season on a high note.

Participation is open to UIL member high schools in Texas.

To facilitate the needs of different types of events, we are working with four general categories. Use the links below to get more information and sign up for events you are interested in administering for your students.

Objectively Scored Events (includes Accounting, Computer Applications, CI&E, Literary Criticism, Social Studies, Spelling, and all STEM events)


Ready Writing

Speech & Debate Events

Shared Results