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UIL Speech Judges

If you have corrections, questions or comments regarding this information, please notify The UIL Speech and Debate department at or 512-471-5883.

Kimberly Garcia

Current high school:
West Texas A&M University

Currently coaching?: no

Conference: Not Coaching

Number of years coached:

Number of tournaments judged: 1-3

High school attended:
Grand Prairie High School, Grand Prairie, TX

Graduated high school: 2011

Participated in high school: yes

Participated in college: yes

Judging qualifications:
I have competed in speech and debate in both high school and college from 2008-present. I have also attended and helped coach classes/workshops at the Guy P. Yates speech and debate camp. I have a thorough understanding of each one of these events' rules and regulations.

Judging Philosophy


Rounds judged: 6-10
Judging approach: tabula rosa
Policy priority: Equal
Evidence philosophy: equal
Paradigm: Any argument is fair game. DA's and topicality arguments are what I weigh most heavily in the round. I don't like kritiks, however, if a strong case is made, I am more willing to acknowledge it. Stock issues are the most important, and should not be a second priority. Evidence is highly important, as well, don't make claims that you can't support.


Rounds judged: 3-5
Approach: Equal
Whatever claims you make, support it with evidence. However, quantity of evidence is not nearly as important as the quality of evidence. Evidence should be used sparingly, as this is value/criterion debate, and should be treated as such.

Contact Information

cell: 817 9387630

Availability Information

Meet types:
CX State

Qualified for:


Region of residence:
Area 7 Panhandle

I will travel to: 1