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If you have corrections, questions or comments regarding this information, please notify The UIL Speech and Debate department at or 512-471-5883.

Casey Cowan

Current high school:
Southwestern Seminary

Currently coaching?: no

Conference: Not Coaching

Number of years coached:

Number of tournaments judged: 4-6

High school attended:
Devine HS Devine, Tx

Graduated high school: 2005

Participated in high school: yes

Participated in college: no

Judging qualifications:
I have competed in all of these and have been a lay coach in extemp and prose.

Judging Philosophy


Rounds judged: 4
Judging approach: stock issues
Policy priority: Equal
Evidence philosophy: quality
Paradigm: For the most part I try to be Tabula Rasa; tend to be more along the lines of stock issues. I want to hear the aff give me every possible way they'll meet each of the issues at hand. I also want to hear the neg tell me how the aff fails to do so. This shows me that both sides are able to think and not just pull out arguments that have been handed to them on a sheet of paper. I also don't like a team who speaks too fast. There's a sense of urgency but the teams need to remember that they have more time than they think they do. On very rare occasions I'll have to judge on policy; but for he most part I go on the basic stock issues.


Rounds judged: 4
Approach: Equal
I, personally, am a very conservative person; but if a debater's arguments are good and sound I will side with more liberal points of view. I do not like fast talking in an LD round, save that for CX. I also want to be convinced. If a debater is not sure of their own arguments I can guarantee them a loss. I try my best to put my own personal views and prejudices aside when judging LD so that I can make the best decision possible.

Contact Information


Availability Information

Meet types:
Invitational District Regional CX State State Meet

Qualified for:


Region of residence:
Area 2 Dallas/Fort Worth

I will travel to: 1 2 5