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UIL Speech Judges

If you have corrections, questions or comments regarding this information, please notify The UIL Speech and Debate department at or 512-471-5883.

Mary Brown

Current high school:
Chillicothe High School

Currently coaching?: yes

Conference: A

Number of years coached: 8 years

Number of tournaments judged: 0

High school attended:
Bedford High School Bedford Pennsylvania

Graduated high school: 2000 or before

Participated in high school: no

Participated in college: no

Judging qualifications:
I am self taught, but a good student. I have read extensively and researched the topics with my students over the past 8 years. I have judged CX events over the past 5 years including invitational, district, and state meets.

Judging Philosophy


Rounds judged: 0
Judging approach: stock issues
Policy priority: Issues
Evidence philosophy: quality
Paradigm: When juding a debate round I like to see arguments that focus on the stock issues first and then policy. The affirmative should have a well defined case and a plan that is clearly layed out, so that the negative can attack. I perfer the negative to focus on about 3 well formed arguments rather than trying to make several attacks on each stock issue. Disadvantages are good only if the negative really has a clear link to the actual case at hand. Generally there is so much to debate that I don't care to hear counterplans. Splitting the block is appropriate, but please inform me that you are doing so in your round.


Rounds judged: 0

Contact Information

cell: 580 649-8400
office: 940 852-5391 ext 222

Availability Information

Meet types:
Invitational District CX State

Qualified for:


Region of residence:
Area 6 Wichita Falls/Texarkana

I will travel to: 2 6 7 8